3 eBay set hits + 1 trade + SICK patches!


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First the autographs...
set hits
found all three from same seller for a buck-a-piece:

then, in an amazing trade from Mike (bratcher1)!!!:

and last,
found these in a box when we recently moved. a friend gave these to my wife for our daughter a few years ago. never used them/forgot about them...may try to see how well they sell on eBay. Should I resort to using the work "SICK" patch in the title on there as well to attract more hits? :D

I am SOOOO Glad our daughter is over The Wiggles :cool:


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Nice pickups on the cards and autos. And I know everyone is making fun of Wags, Dorothy, Captain Feathersword and The Big Red Car, but...would you be willing to trade the patches for anything?


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Great pickups! I remember going with my daughter & wife to see the Wiggles Live, now that ranks up there with The Rolling Stones for sure LOL!! Both make you smile in different ways I guess! Congrats on the memories as well.