5 ttm & 2 via email


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frmr Pirate/Yankee Doug Drabek signed 3 cards incl. 1 already signed by son Kyle
& signed the other 2 to me ma ( that's what I get for taking her address labels )
not sure of date sent but at least a month

frmr Phils mgr Lee Elia signed a card sent out on 1-16-010

frmr Flyer Andre Faust signed 2 cards sent out on 1-16-010

frmr Phil Don Money signed 91 UD Heroes * 1971 * Phils card signed by L. Bowa, now going to Montanez sent out on 1-16-010

another fine lady & classic actress Joan Fontaine signed 8x10 b+w sent out on 1-4-010

via email - great comic actor Dan Ackroyd sent a personalized 8x10 even signed Elwood under his name contacted on 11-24-09

via email - Clemson bkb coach Oliver Purnell sent signed 8x10 photo card + 2 schedules

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