6/23 - Where there is a WILL, there IS a way!

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4.90 star(s)
Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
Put those two all caps words together and you got today's return!

Dontrelle Willis
c/o Tigers AFAC
2/2 w/ fee - 32 days
(read below before even thinking about sending)

Mr. T's Comment: I sent this sometime around the week before he got traded, so it must have got forwarded to him when he was in town last week. Kept my check but did not get the COA letter like I did with the others who partnered with AFAC. I thought that these were gone, so a pleasent surprise!
I got this IP before he had any Tigers cards a few years ago, but never liked the gray border look. I'll let this go before either of the other two.


I have to ask $10 SV as that is what I put into the others.
Alright, I will have to pass for now then. I can't see paying $10 for an auto with a smear...thanks though.
I didn't notice it either, but I need to adjust that price. I can take 20% off since it is small, but noticeable. I think that is fair, or look into one of my many certs I have of his available.