66ers last night & 2 TTMs today

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Feb 3, 2007
San Jacinto, Ca.
Went to the last game of the season for the Inland Empire 66ers....was able to finish up with some 50/50's and my 2009 Inland Empire set....For the ones waiting for Stubbs, I did get his signature the scrible it is. But understandbly he was the first one to leave the ballpark....he was not in a good mood because the 66ers were no-hit last night....Anyways of course I received more Hough cards signed and I was talking to him a little. I told him that at least his pitchers did a good job last night....He also mentioned that during his pitching career that he never pitched one but had two pitched against him. Bret Saberhagen and Mike Witt were the ones to do it.

Sorry for the long read

by the way the 2 TTMs were Tom Brunansky and Hank Webb

If anybody knows the addy and signing habits of Jimmy Freeman please let me know and may be I can complete the Trifecta.



on SCN freeman is only 50%, and this is the addy they have....

jimmy freeman
4716 e. 106th st
tulsa, ok 74137

congrats on the pick ups and returns!!!!!
I got franklin stubbs a few tmes when he was the hitting coach for the mississippi braves, i have never thought his signature looked very good even when he was in a good mood


I believe I have all his Dodger cards signed and a few other assorted ones. There were no notable MLB players with the AquaSox (my local team) staff, although Manager Bob MacDonald played briefly in Toronto I believe.