66ers vs. Mavericks & set hit


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Went to opening night last night for the Inland Empire 66ers who were playing the High Desert Mavericks. 66ers lost 4-3, almost came back in the bottom of the ninth
I don't have many cards to get signed right at the moment but here is what I received

Ryan Feierabend 3/3...One card being for my Inland Empire 2005 set
Preston Mattingly (Dons kid) 1/1.....gameday Magazine

The Tito Landrum is thanks to Brad (stlcardtrader) for another 88 Topps set hit



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nice haul... glad the Tito got to you quickly.. I just pulled a bunch of Hough (27 cards) and Stubbs (31 cards) for you and packaged them up, going out today to you..