8/23 - 2 more quick ones and a faster than usual


4.90 star(s)
Drew Butera
11 days

Mr. T's Comment: His father, former MLB catcher Sal Butera, taught his son well. Right now he is a backup to Joe Mauer, but he will be a starter very soon on likely another team. This could be your best chance to get him.

Ian Snell
11 days

Mr. T's Comment: Snell, despite struggles since joining Seattle, has been a great signer the past few years. I sent this one to AAA Tacoma, which he joined after vanishing from the 40 man roster. I hope he can find his groove again soon.

Michael Cuddyer
1/3 - kept one, returned one unsigned
48 days

Mr. T's Comment: I think this has been one of the quicker Cuddyer returns, as I've seen up to a year wait before. I caught him at the right time. He returned my 08 Topps unsigned (I tried Nic!), kept my 10 Topps, and signed my 09 Topps A&G, the best of the three.


5.00 star(s)
Nice, does Cuddyer usually sign pretty well TTM?

Over the years, Cuddyer has been a consistent signer TTM with one of the nicest autographs you will ever see. However, he has taken longer to sign but does eventually sign. Definately worth the wait though.