8pm EST Wednesday Chat/Trade Night ----- Every Wednesday starting at 8pm EST

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Dec 14, 2007

I just found a free chat service that I've embedded into my freewebs.com homepage. The link is in my sig OR CLICK HERE .

I will be moderating this chatroom. I will ban those posting obscene or inappropriate material. There will be no warnings on this.

I would like everyone that comes in to use the same username as they do here to avoid confusion when making trades.

You will also have the ability to showcase cards that you have for trade or sale. All you have to do is put the URL of the scan in the chat and it will pop up in the media viewer to the right of chat.

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I think 8pm EST would make for a better time....so hopefully I will see some of you there then.

I will be trying this out again next week at 8pm EST on Wednesday.

I would like to thank the following members for making it out to the first official Wednesday Trade Night Chat......sepul1, bmike1983, metsfan6986, rynofan23, mark_davis05, and The Quarter Box. We did manage to have 1 transaction occur. Not bad for the first week and a handful of people.

So next Wednesday come out and join us, we need more members so we can get more trades done.

Hope to see you there!!!


Since I don't have to work this Saturday evening, I would like to invite everyone out for session to begin at 8pm EST.
Stopped in earlier and liked the setup.
Hopefully,it gains a large following.
Nice job Mike!
Anyone know how I can copy that Pig :D ,