9/14 and 9/16: Duck, duck, duck, .... +++

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4.90 star(s)
Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
I think my title today might have been too easy!


David Aardsma
70 days

Mr. T's Comment: The D.A. hasn't been doing that good this year. He has 5 blown saves and a 0-6 record for Seattle, both career worsts. He did sign my Mariners card and both Red Sox cards, so at least he is taking time to sign now that the season is a wash.

Rich "Goose" Gossage
1/1 w/ fee
20 days

Mr. T's Comment: As requested, Goose inscribed HOF 2008 on my card. This is one of the few HOFers I've sent to, and the first I've paid for. I'm very satisfied with the $10 I spent on this.


Sandy Alomar Jr.
2/3 - kept one
35 days

Mr. T's Comment: Unlike his brother, I got a nice return from Sandy (I missed the boat on Roberto). He was a great catcher, but might have played a couple years too long. He signed both of my Indians cards, but kept my White Sox card.

Nelson Cruz
1/2 - kept one
35 days

Mr. T's Comment: Being a former AS and PCL MVP, we forget that Nelson was once DFA'ed and even worse, he bounced around teams before landing in Texas. He kept my Brewers RC, but signed the Rangers RC.

Shawn Wooten
22 days

Mr. T's Comment: Wooten was not a MLB player for very long, but he still has some cards! The former Angels catcher is in the Minneapolis area, and apparently has time to sign his mail in a quick time frame.

*Note - a return was missed from 9/3: Cesar Ramos, 1/1, 22 days
**Note - follow up on the Todd Hollandsworth is that he returned all of the cards I sent, but only signed one. False alarm on that one folks.