a Curling success! Yes.... Curling!


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I love picking up oddball stuff from any sport... the great thing about these "less mainstream" sports is you can pretty much get the all-time greats at their sport to sign for you. Wes Richardson signed a couple photos for me. He was a part of what is arguably the best Curling Rink of all time. They won 4 World Championships between 1959 and 1963. Known as "The Curling Richardsons", the team was comprised of two brothers (Ernie and Garnet) and two cousins (Wes and Arnold).

I'm hoping to get all 4 to sign... I love the vintage looking shots too. It's off to Arnold today. Being a true Canadian, I had to get a curling photo on my "wall of fame". :)




Personally, I love curling! Next to hockey, it's my favorite winter olympics sport.