A success from beyond the grave

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Last week, Mike Sandlock was the oldest living Major League player. 100 years old, born in 1915, the former Dodgers and Pirates catcher was still a reliable signer by mail. On March 31, I mailed off a card to him. His signature had been looking shakier for a few months, but some came back still looking pretty decent.

Unfortunately Sandlock died late in the night on April 5 at his home in Connecticut. So needless to say, I just chalked it up that this wasn't coming back.

Instead, yesterday it arrived, postmarked April 4 with the card signed in black Sharpie. It may be the last one he ever signed. He literally was signing to his dying day. His signature doesn't look good, but that's beside the point: the fact that he was still trying to do it for baseball fans is amazing.

Also received former soccer referee Esse Baharmast, 2/2 plus a note back in 3 weeks.