A very happy surprise in my mail

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Nov 21, 2005
So a month and a half ago I bought a card of eBay.it had a 15 day delivery wait which I found weird.well the 15 days came and went no card .the seller did no tracking so he refunded me when 21 days came and went and since I've moved to a new town.well I opened my mailbox today and there it was over 50 days later.i contacted seller and paid for the card again he was so happy that I was honest about it finally showing up.i believe in karma I didn't want any bad juju on me.


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Nice card, but even better that you did the right thing.

The amount of people doing the right thing all the time is getting smaller and smaller, glad to see another one out there!
well the guy refunded instantly even when I said let’s wait and see and I felt bad he was out the cash and the card.so the second it showed up I take a pic and showed him.didn’t even open it till he replied and got the PayPal figured out. Honestly I got it pretty cheap I think ($18.33)