According to Beckett, these cards don't exist.....

Andy's Dad

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Hey all,

While organizing my stuff for my sale posts I came across some cards that I had tried to research in 2003 (wow, I think of how long ago that was) and found nothing on it. In fact, my first post ever on Beckett was about these cards. Upon trying to research them yesterday, I found....still nothing.

In 1997 Collector's Choice was popular, and Upper Deck made a spinoff called Collector's Choice Teams. These were small team sets, 13 cards plus a foil logo card with the checklist of 13 players on the back of the logo card. My research both in 2003 and today shows that Beckett recognizes, and the marketplace recognizes, these teams: Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Colorado, Chicago White Sox, Florida, LA Dodgers, NY Yankees, Seattle, Texas.

I don't have any cards from any of those team sets. However, in 2003, in one of those giant mixed 5000 count boxes that I bought from the LCS for $10 or so, I found 1997 Collector's Choice Teams cards of....the Chicago Cubs. And nowhere on the Interwebs, on Beckett, or here have I ever found mention of Cubs cards from this set. I don't have the entire 13 card set, but I have, among others, Sandberg and Grace.

Any ideas on these? Anyone? If Beckett doesn't list the cards, and neither does Ebay, do these cards actually exist? Are they made of antimatter? Any Benchies have any info?

Thanks very much!!