Advice on selling a few 1933 Goudey Baseball


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I'm not selling or trading here, I'm just looking for advice on selling a small collection. I haven't been on here long enough to feel comfortable with that. attachment2.jpgattachment1.jpg

A friend is looking to sell about 50 cards from the 1933 set, mainly three Babe Ruth cards. I attached a picture of one from the collection. How does he go about selling them?

I assume getting the Ruth's graded is the way to go, but that looks like up to $3,000 per card from PSA? Also, I suggested he contact a dealer like Dean's Cards to get a baseline offer, only because I have bought from them before.


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My suggestion would be to contact one of the big auction houses. Robert Edward Auctions and Heritage Auctions are 2 pretty big ones. They actually advertise in Beckett Vintage Collector. With one of the big auction houses you will probably get the most exposure.

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