All Star Program misprint or success?

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Mar 24, 2008
Warren, Mi
I went to the Twins/Tigers game this past Friday and while I saw a great game, I also picked up an All Start Program with Miguel Cabrera on the cover. I try to collect anything with him on it as well and Tiger programs. It was only $16 so I was pleased but I found something interesting when I went to look at it while back at home. The cover was put on backwards and upside down. If looking at the front cover like reading any other program, I went to open it and its the back page, and its upside down.The whole program is like this. Can't tell if I should be bummed or excited for a possible rare find.
I don't know if I would call that a misprint. After all, it wasn't misprinted. They just placed the guts of the program in upside down.