Alright Vaughn all i gotta say is.....


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Corbin Bernsen plays on "Psych"
one of my fav baseball movies major league his famous end of the movie quote. was very cool about it. i saw some on ebay so i thought what the hell worth a shot. got it back in a week. and yes it says the full thing i just blurred it out so i dont get a warning ;)
he signed it as dorn and he auto the top of the baseball. i asked for a sweet spot auto and drew it out but he even wrote a note on my package saying

"sorry chad, did it the way i do it regarding wording, that way it stays consistent" CB

pretty funny at least he took the time to tell me why. great guy!


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I remember him for that (since it was on the other day) and all of his crackpot theories on Celebrity Mole a few years ago.

Nice return


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That is an awesome auto!

Now if you could just get Dennis Heysbert to sign a bat for you that said, "Hats for bats. Hats keep bats warm." You'd be the coolest collector ever.