Am I a Super Collector Yet?

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Sep 23, 2006
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Not sure what the minimum percentage of cards is needed to become a super collector, but I figured I see where I stand at the moment.


Here are my Eric Chavez Stats....

Cards Recognized by Beckett, not including 1/1's 3,497

I have 934 Different Chavez cards (not including 1/1's) = 26.7% ( My list can be seen on my freewebs trade page)

Of those 934 cards, I have the following GU, Auto and GU/Auto Combo which account for 20% of my Chavez cards.

GU = 134
Autos = 46
GU/Auto Combo = 16

I have the following also.....

4 Cards not recognized by Beckett (not included in my total)
13 1/1's (not included in my total)
2 Autographed OMLB Balls
1 Autographed Rawlings Bat
1 Autographed Mini Helmet
Over 30 Stadium Giveaways, Schedules, Bobbleheads, Ect.....
1 Poster
2 McFarlane Figures
1 Youth Chavez Jersey that I plan on giving to my first born child (whenever that happens?)
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SC votes on full stats and not just the ones you give them, meaning you have to include the 1/1's. If that is your percentage without counting the 1/1's I would have to vote no. I'm not saying it's not a nice collection, just not at that next level.
Hey Billy,

I still have a TON of Chavez stuff, I will see if I can get together a good list of what I have and then see if it will help.

I would vote yes, especially seeing the non-card items and how many cards he has. How many 1 of 1's does he have?

Not that I can actually vote obviously
Colvin -- I'd really appriciate it.


Rarthur -- He has 952 1/1's. I honestly don't feel that 1/1's should count towards the total amount of cards a player has. 1/1's are just that, 1 of 1. A collector my get a handful, but will more times than not, not be able to purchase, trade or even find them.


rangersfan -- Thanks!