AMAZING Redemption Replacement Mailday from UD!

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Mar 15, 2009
I was supposed to get a Patrick Ewing Ultimate Collection Auto Jumbo Patch /5, but got these instead.

I think I did pretty well, lmk opinions. The Jim Kelly cards are PC and the Favre will be tough to get.

By the way, notice the numbering on the last two.






Thanks guys!

biggmack2001: It's very hard for me to put a value on the Favre. The 1/5 version got either $200 or $215 (don't remember which), and this one is 4/5. I will probably hold onto it for a little while.
well a Patrick Ewing auto would be awesome to have since he doesn't like signing but I definately would take those over a Ewing auto any day! congrats
Odd selection to replace a Basketball card, but from a value standpoint, it would appear you far exceeded the value of a single Ewing auto, regardless of the card owed.

I know I'd rather have those SIX autographed superstar cards than a single one!!!

Reminds me (one sport for the other, not getting better stuff!!) of Fleer sending me ****** basketball autos (George Lynch, Eddie Robinson, Michael Doleac, etc) to replace my hand picked, purchased one by one Garvey jersey/patch redemptions a few years back after they tanked. I will never forget that ream job! The worst part is I sent in all the different redemption cards and they are gone too. I had dupes on a few and kept them, so I have at least most of the actual redemption cards to "replace" the actual cards I was supposed to receive.
This really makes you wonder....if Upper Deck has these caliber cards just sitting around, whether they were never redeemed or not, they must have so many awesome cards just sitting in a "vault". Pretty crazy to me-
the thing is that most of these are not redemptions they should have been inserted...kinda like the print plate set of all 4 colors of Griffey Jr they gave the guy on here as a replacement...makes me wonder what they never insert in to packs yet lead everyone to believe they have a shot at...
Wow! That is a little overkill by UpperDeck. I would think that the Favre alone would be worth way more than the Ewing. I sure as heck wouldn't complain. Those Peytons are sweet too! Good job!