An unbelievable mailday!

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Jun 25, 2004
New York
I used to have stuff shipped home when I was away for school. I came back one winter break to find that everything I had bought during that fall was misplaced or lost. I had long given up hope on those thinking my mailers may have been thrown out accidentally when my parents were moving.

Today, I came across two unopened mailers while sorting through some stuff....


Postmarked October 1, 2007!

The contents....

2002 SPx Winning Materials 2-Player Base Combos B-SR K.Sasaki/M.Rivera /200

and the biggie...

2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX A Piece of the Series Autographs PSA11 #ed 15/25

I have been a huge fan of this set, I even have a dedicated page for these cards on my website ( This has been one of the top 5 most wanted O'Neill cards for me ever since I started my collection. I had paid $40.83 for it back in 2007 and had only come across 2-3 in the next 3 years all of which sold for nearly double what I paid for this one, some even reaching over $100. I was absolutely floored to find the HoloGRFX today after nearly 3 years!

Unfortunately, some other stuff is still missing. Mostly inserts which I have since replaced. The big one I can't find is the 2003 Topps Retired Auto /25 which Magicpapa helped me out with. I think my autographed playing card might have been in that package as well. I hope that it turns up one day, but I for now I am ecstatic to have these turn up.
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Ravi that is a truly awesome find...almost 3 years later, wow.

I really hope those other cards turn up for you.
Best, Rob.
You need to help clean up your parents house more often....who knows what you might find! Best regards, David PS Magic Papa made his envelope disappear from your place and reappear at this place : )
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Thanks guys! Imagine winning your while whale at a great price, paying for it, having it arrive at your place and then later finding out it was most probably thrown out accidentally while moving....and then three years later when you had given up all hope and were looking for a turns up out of the blue! I am still in disbelief.

I found these two packages in boxes with my dad's old business papers. That is probably the last place I would have looked for them. I will surely keep looking for others since I know they might still be lurking somewhere.

I still have 8 more packages missing from that semester:
1. 2003 Topps Retired Paul O'Neill Auto Ref /25 ($42.00)
2. (4) 2005 Topps Chrome Red Xfractors /25 $85 BV ($7.26)
3. 1986 Donruss Paul O'Neill RC BGS 9.5 ($5.99)
4. 50 HOF #ed Cards $225 BV ($6.25)
5. 1997 FanFest Jackie Robinson Set ($3.49)
6. Roger Clemens Hologrfx Base ($4.81)
7. 1989 TV Mailbags O'Neill ($2.34)
8. 2004 GOTG Paul O'Neill Auto ($8.76)

David, always glad to help.
Wow, that is great to hear. I remember you telling me the story of the missing cards. Glad to see you at least retrieved on of the biggies. My wife threw a bubbler out years ago with an O'neill extra edition numbered card. I replaced it ten times already but every time I see that card I think of that. Good for you man!
Cool story...hope you find the others....your parents are like the folks of "Hoarding"