And then there was one...

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Jan 29, 2005
Mobile, AL
Credit goes to jaderock for this one.

A few weeks ago, I picked up the Robby Alomar International Refractor from Kevin (ryanrancho) and posted it here. Jaderock responded that he wished he had known that I needed it, because he could have helped me out (he had both the Alomar and the Chris George). The Alomar I had finally landed after 10 years. The George I have had for a while. I told him I appreciated the gesture, but that I no longer needed either card.

Shortly thereafter, I contacted another collector who is about 10 cards from completing the set to see if he had either of the remaining two that I needed. Miraculously, he had an extra Scott Hunter, which I had never seen, and told me that it was mine if I could hook him up with one of the ones he needed. Lo and behold, he needed the Chris George! I sent jade an email asking what he needed for it, and he just asked for my address. Less than a week later, I was able to trade the George for the Hunter.

It's people like jade that make this hobby what it is. I will be scrounging card shops across the land for trifecta #d Brunell items for the rest of my days to repay you for this one bud. Thanks again!


One down, one to go!


PS - I have a feeling I'll be updating you guys on this set for one final time in the coming days. :cool:
Nice to see that set make it all the way down to one card! I've been watching the list shrink now for years:)

Props to jade, he's a stand-up dude:D
Glad I could help...can't wait til you nail the last're HARDCORE!!!!
And the last one needed is?

SMOOTH MOVE, JADEROCK!!! It is nice to see other collectors help each other out and not hold something "hostage" when they know the otehr collector truly needs/wants the item.