another team collection question


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I just started a phillies collection and I was going to do 1 card of every player who ever played/managed them. but now I'm thinking I should do every phillies card from that year of topps...what do oyu guys think?

also where do you guys get the checklists for just team cards...i cant find them anywhere


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I have a collection like that with the Marlins.

The first thing I did was get the list of every player that has played for the team. Usually the team will list all the players under alumni section. Then I went to and put each players name in the search bar, it will give you all the teams the player has played for that have cards.


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teamsets4u is a great reference. Beckett used to publish a team checklist book back in the 80s & 90s, you may be able to still find one around. is also useful. There are people on eBay who sell checklists too.


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Interesting, I have never stumbled across this person. Good for him for capitalizing on this niche of collecting.

However, even given the professionalism and presentation, the price seems a bit much for basic Topps checklists! I was expecting something much more encompassing when I saw the listings at $20-25 delivered per team.

It seems that a number of people use my site WWWW.TEAMSETS4U.COM
If you are looking for a hard copy n2cardz makes a pretty good checklist
here is a link for his Phillies checklist.