Any card shops around Long Branch, NJ ???

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Mar 21, 2003
Charlotte, NC
I am in NJ for a wedding this weekend and was wondering if there are any shops in the area. I don't know the area so if you have a street address that would be best.

I believe Myerburg311 is from that area. He may be able to help out.

I'm about 30 minutes south of there.. But there is one in Belmar which is a few miles south of there..
Sport Nut Cards
1210 Main St
Belmar, NJ 07719-2782

He has boxes and packes at a decent price.. His au/gu singles are kinda overpriced but he has real nice stuf.. He also has a lot of inserts, rcs, and #d cards and some lower end au/gu for a buck a piece..

If you feel like traveling there are some more a little farther away
J & C
990 Cedarbridge Ave
Brick, NJ 08723-4159

He has a lot of packs and boxes.. But not a lot of singles.. He is more of a memorabilia and autographs and stuff.. He's also not that nice..

Jiffy Photo and Cards
1753 Route 88
Brick, NJ 08724-3066

A lot of variety in his packs.. and a lot of older boxes too which I like.. but they're pretty expensive IMO.. Not a real big selection of singles but he does have some..

Baseball Cards and Jewelry
2715 Hooper Ave # E
Brick, NJ 08723-4164

Kind of like a garage sale store.. It's a legit business but he has crap stacked in organized piles from the floor to my head.. He has a lot of cards for a quarter.. If you decide to go tell him Chris sent you.. He may show you more stuff.. He's weird like that lol

And then there is The Backstop.. Which is even farther down.. About a 20 mile trip on the parkway
The Backstop
2018 Route 37 E
Toms River, NJ 08753-7169

You probably have seen his video breaks on youtube.. I actually did a couple breaks there.. I haven't been in a while.. If you decide to go he gets new stuff in on Thursdays.. And next Friday he will be having a pack battle.. Hundreds of people usually show up..

Hope that helps.. There might be some closer to Long Branch but I'm not too familiar with that county..