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Any Good Baseball Card Podcasts/YouTube Channels?


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Back in the day, the Card Talk Forum was my absolute favorite place to visit on the internet. There was always so much information to be found/shared.

I don't know if it was the traffic drop on the site, if people just stopped asking questions because everything can be found by using search engines or a combination of the two, but I'd love to see it make a comeback!

So, I'm here to ask what are you watching/listening to that is hobby related?

A few of the YouTubers that I've come across recently that I enjoy watching/listening to from time to time are...


Phil's Pulls

Sports Card Investor

Please feel free to share!



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Hi Craig -

Some Baseball Card Youtubers that I watch are:


Smiddle Sports Cards


Jon's Sports Cards

C & M Collectibles

There's plenty of others I watch, but those are football (Vikings95, Packer Cards 87, 5-0 Cheddar Bob, Jammin JD Sportscards), hockey (zeeree gaming, Great Day for Hockey Cards), non-sports, or comic books.

Plenty of stuff to watch on Youtube. In fact, I watch Youtube more than TV, Netflix, etc!



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These guys on YouTube have been entertaining me throughout the pandemic since there's no live sports to watch:

Topps85401 (Barry Bonds-centric collector)
About The Cards (weekly simulcast of their podcast)
Mike Baseball Collector (currently re-branding as Bench Clear)


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Plenty of stuff to watch on Youtube. In fact, I watch Youtube more than TV, Netflix, etc!


You got that right! Youtube is my TV with a billion channels. I get absolutely 100% of the music I listen to from there, listen to tons of podcasts and pundits and watch some older TV shows and movies. There is no way I can ever be bored if I have access to that site. I think I have only watched one baseball card video from there which was how to remove a card from a PSA slab. I never thought about sportscard videos from that site outside of that.

When it comes to card collecting questions, I either look it up myself or ask about it here. There have been some good topics on the Card Talk room lately the most recent being the thread on card values forom the mid 80s. I've started some card opinion topics in that room myself, most recently asking for opinions on the popularity of baseball cards over football cards despite their popularity being the polar opposite. I do wish others would start topics in that room to increase activity in that room.


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Rotowire.com has podcasts for several diferrent sports. The baseball one is usually an hour long. But it doesn't update as frequently as in season. I think in season it's everyday. ESPN has Fantasy Focus for Football and Baseball. Unfortunately it's not everyday like it used to be. When baseball is in stride, they produce twice a week. They might be hard to find,, but They might have a podcast button. Or check under ESPN Fantasy Baseball.