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He hasn't signed a TTM auto (at least for any member of SCN) since 2008. So, it's a pretty long shot getting him to sign. But maybe you could buy the dual with his auto online and get his son to sign it. Good luck!
ya was hoping he does come. i know he lives in cali just dont know how far from long beach. little to late to buy a baseball w/ his auto on it. like the thrill of the hunt anyways ;) ill try cant hurt..... ;) thanks guys/gals
There was a stretch when he "signed" his mail, but the consensus has been that they were clubhouse signatures/ghost signed. Just what was reported in the past on SCN.
i'm hoping he decides to come to ft worth when his son plays tcu...but i'm not holding my breath....
I sent him a card about 2-3 weeks ago but haven't seen anything come that is the chance we take... lol