Anyone else ever misplace a card??

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Jan 15, 2008
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I have just spent the last hour and a half searching my collection for a Boog Powell Sweet Spot auto and I can't find it.I really trying not to let my frustration turn into anger and its been hard,..
I was hoping that I am not the only person that this has happened to.

Sincerely trying not to kick myself in the butt,
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That always happens to me. I am convinced that a 1996 UD Chris Carter Predictor entered an alternate universe via a blackhole about 13 years ago, and the sad part is it was a gold and a winner!

I use a card database and have all my cards listed and addressed but occassionally, well you know.
I misplaced my Matt Ryan auto for over 6 months....found it in my Chipper box filed under G/U numbered section of the box....go figure!
I misplaced my Matt Ryan auto for over 6 months....found it in my Chipper box filed under G/U numbered section of the box....go figure!

I remember my first beer!

:p Just kidding of course.. That would be the last place for a Matty Ice auto!
Lost a 2001 Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols RC a few years ago...still haven't found it. I'm pretty sure it's floating around in the alternative universe that Jeremy's Chris Carter card is.
I lost my first Griffey Jr RC awhile ago. It was lost for ten years and then somehow resurfaced.
its happened to me a quite a few times, eventually i will find them, but in mean time it can be nerve racking

I'm going to use the "Blackhole" theory,..that makes more sense then me just placing it in the wrong spot !

Note,..That last statement was pure denial!!
Thanks for your input everyone,it takes away some of the frustration,on the bright side at least it wasn't my Pujos of Griffey RC's,I would be freeking out !!

Happen to me too!! Looked everywhere for the had fallen behind my dresser!!! Best regards, David
I know the feeling... mass frustration. Especially when your collection is as disorganized as mine is :(

Good luck,
I once sold a card on ebay, then after the auction ended I went to pack the card up....and couldn't find it ANYWHERE! Looked for hours and finally did find it. Also have misplaced cards and eventually found them in the scanner. Oh, and I lost $4 in my card section once!
I seem to loose them daily. On the flip side I find new cards nearly every day.
It pays to be unorganized.

Actually I think I did that too Tim.. I had 3 Triple Threads cards on ebay while I had a lot of around 20 or so football game used with a BIN.. A card store that I have been going to since I was 5 bought them and I brought them to him before the others ended.. Apparently I had the Triple Threads stacked with the crap game used I gave him.. By the time I realized it he had sold them cause they went in his $2 box.. I sold them each for atleast $25.. How I got my negative on ebay.. :(
I was missing a few whole binders of MTG and my 1980s Garbage Pail kids. I torn the house upside down. Mattresses were leaned against walls, dressers were emptied, the works.

I got so mad, I was like "Screw this! Imma play some Final Fantasy VII. I have a little 13 inch TV in the corner of my bedroom thats perfect for me to chill out in my bean bag. Low and behold, I noticed the TV was sitting on a box......and inside...the missing binders....


Your not alone on this, it happens to me 2 or 3 times a year. Usually just a card for a set i'm doing but it's usually the last card i needed. I do sometimes find them though.

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I am always good for finding my lost cards in my scanner.

Somewhere in this room of cards I lost one of my Bernie Williams G/U cards 001/

It will show up somewhere someday!