Anyone ever use a baseball card as a toothpick?

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I used a football card to pry open the charger latch on my phone. Ruined a corner.
I don't collect football, but to all of the collectors of a guy named P. Manning, sorry.
Never a toothpick. I did when I was younger give my dad any football cards I had. He would use them to start the woodstove in the winter.
That reminds me of the shirt somebody made out of GU swatches from cards. They were all affixed to a regular shirt if I remember correctly. I believe Dr. Wax Battle even was involved with maybe advertising the item or even buying the thing (for the publicity, I would assume). It was a few years back. I know the guy had it on ebay at least once, listed all the cards he "destroyed" as they were to come with the shirt.

i pry out all the gu bats and tape them together... hey we're in a reccession ;)

i'm kidding btw...