Anyone winning crazy cheap auctions this week?

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Oct 7, 2005
Northwest Washington
I sure have been. Most of these went for way lower than I was expecting.

Nice vintage certified auto'd index card for $1.99 dlvd

2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond Rookie Edition Hobby box for $27.58 dlvd. I've seen these sell in the $40s before shpping.

2005 Diamond Kings Blue Auto Raul Ibanez D#/50 Didn't need this one but for $3.49 dvld I figured I could at least flip it for a few bucks when the season starts. I was totally shocked when I won this one.

2003 Bowman Futures Game Used Jersey Franklin Gutierrez. One of my new favorite Mariners $1.34 dlvd. I bid $3 and was expecing to get out bid at the wire.

How did I do?
Not until I saw this post, thanks.

I've been keeping an eye out for some good deals and just won a box of 97 topps stars for $15. The only other boxes I could find were another on ebay for $65 and one on amazon for $75.

Not bad, hope I get it!
I scored some really cheap boxed of 2000 Power League and 2000 Epoch Pro Baseball Stickers over on Yahoo Auctions Japan this week if that counts. In one case, I won 3 boxes of 2000 Power League for 800 yen! Hopefully that offsets the ridiculous amounts I paid for some Takara sets just to get a Hensley Meulens or Bernardo Brito card.
I have picked up some nice cards for real low prices. Mostly using best offer. But I just won a Tony Romo card that recently goes in the low $20's. I got it for $13. So not too bad.

I picked up a 2006 Finest 155 Francisco Liriano Auto BV$50 for $7.03 ($3.53 plus $3.50 shipping). Now down to just 4 cards (all autos) in my 2006 Finest set.
I picked up 2 Iomega NAS servers for 117 dlvd for the pair. its going to be soo nice to have 6 TB of space for stuff :)
I won't say I never find great deals, but it seems I am paying more in general in recent times.

For a while I was winning just about everything I bid on at lower than expected prices, but they are back on the rise. Could be I just like the good stuff...or I just picked up a few more new competitors!