APBA Games to host 7th Annual Convention and Tournament

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Jul 22, 2005
LANCASTER, PA - 7/19/10 - APBA International, Inc. (APBA Games) of Lancaster, PA is preparing for it's 7th annual convention and baseball game tournament to be hosted at the Heritage Hotel in Lancaster, PA. APBA has been a leader in sports strategy gaming since 1951, with the advent of it's classic APBA Pro Baseball Board Game.

The APBA convention is centered around the tournament which uses the APBA Pro Baseball (Basic) Board Game. APBA President, Marc Rinaldi, expressed his excitement for this years event: "Over the last decade we have worked very hard to bring our gaming community together. For one weekend a year, the APBA community communes to a central locale, and shares their passion for APBA, sports and gaming! This event is more than a convention or a tournament, it's an APBA family reunion! The camaraderie and relationships formed between the attendees and the staff, make us want to work harder to please them with quality entertainment and value, while our customers feel a sense of loyalty and commitment."

APBA revived the idea of hosting a convention in 2001. There was a two year hiatus before the current consecutive streak began. Over the last 7 years the convention which started with 50 individuals have grown to be as high as 100! This years event expects to come close to the triple digit number again, with attendees coming from all over the US, Canada and Europe.

For more information on the convention or APBA Games please feel free to contact us at 800-334-2722 or visit our web site at www.APBAgames.com

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I received a copy of their 2010 APBA Baseball game and Master set. I hope to have a review up in a couple of weeks.