ATTN Bench Members who have filed Help Desk Tickets in the past. PLEASE READ!!!

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Oct 19, 2005
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Duluth, MN
TO all Bench members who have filed help desk ticket for a trade gone bad in the past and those of you who may in the future(which is basically everyone).

Filing a Help Desk ticket to get help with trades is great. The Mods do alot of work trying to help out as much as we can, but we need your help too!

If you file a TGB, please follow up on it. I have been working on a few unresolved tickets lately that were quite dated, only to find out that the trade was completed within a week or two of the actual ticket being filed. That said, If you file a ticket, and then a week or two or however many days later you recieve the trade in question, go back to the help desk and post on your ticket that the trade was completed and that the issue can be resolved.

The Mods are not career Bench users, we all have other things going on in our lives, when we help with these situations we are only asking for some help in return by keeping us updated on the situation.

Thank you for your time,
Wanted to bring this up to the top for all of you who have filed help desk tickets for non trade related things, ie help with the trade manager or changing your address.


If you file a help desk ticket that says
"Where do I change my address"

and a Mod replies
"Trade manager - Preferences"

Follow up with a post that says
"Thanks got it changed" or "cool all set"

so we know that your issue is resolved
And just to add,if you file a TGB tix and we don't get to you right away,your not being ignored its just that we have other duties or other TGB tix we are attending to,also if you file a TGB ticket against a member,please give as much details as possible,keep in mind filing a TGB is only as a last resort try to resolve the issue by contacting the person first.