August 2021 Show Off Thread

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Took me almost a week to go through all of my pickups from the National in Chicago last week; these were my 4 favorite adds to my PC. Was afraid I was going to get priced out of the Yogi because his early 50's card prices are starting to approach the Mantle tier but this one will fits into my 53B set nicely. The Spahn was a day 1 find and the dealer actually had to point out the minor flaws in it because I couldn't find any!

Nice pickups, Jim.

It was good meeting you at the show and doing and in person trade.

The Spahn looks great, BTW!
Pulled these two from the same 2021 A/G box (purchased @ Yazstremski's in Cooperstown).

Judge single rip card 27/99

judge front.jpg

And a Kim Ng mini Autograph, with Gold Frame

ng front.jpg

The second box had nothing but 3 relic cards, so this was definitely the "good" box of the 2!
Thanks for looking.