Authenticate Pre-WWII Cards

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Nov 3, 2007
Hidden Valley Lake, Ca
A few years ago I purchased some Pre-WWII cards, two 1940 Play Ball and a 1919 W514. I have always assumed they were legit, but after reading how some of these old cards are being faked, particularly the Play Ball, became a little concerned. My question is, do any of the authentication services provide a service just to check a card, I don't really want to have them slabbed, but would like to know that what I have is authentic.

Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.

Thanks - Chris
Scan them for starters. I'll toss out my opinion for free!

The older cards tend to show their age. PBs tend to yellow somewhat as well, some worse than others. Not sure what did it to them, as I do have some that didn't.