Autograph Tips

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Jun 30, 2009
Just looking for some general autograph tips. Let me know how you prep cards, how you bring them to games, what baseball cards are best to get signed, how you present them to players, like from a binder or a clipboard or those thicker pages with photo corners?
Also, could use Arizona Spring Training tips. Going to Hi Corbett, the Rockies field. What's the best place there? And when should I get to the practice fields and where should I go?
Also going to Giants ST, but pretty familiar with that one. Maybe a specific tip or two would be cool.
Best general auto tip and best ST tip get free card lots of the team of their choice.
i heard player practices start around 9, think they start arriving at 7ish. my fav cards to get signed are def allen&ginter & turkey red cards, they look great and look even better when signed!!! i also like any card of the player in a padres uni (if possible) or choose cards that have lots of "bright spots" where you can clearly see the sig. i keep my cards in a rubber band and put them in alphabetical order, that way its easy to find a specific payer on the go. i usually then give them to my dad, who after dried, puts the cards in a binder....ive also seen those notebook type one, where the cards are in, but have never tried that, yet. hope this helps...
usually, since i go to lots of padres games and theyre good about multiples, i usually carry like, 2 per player (if possible) most of the games i go to, i have about 50 or so, and have them in alpha. order, that way when im near the dugout and i see heath bell signing, i dont have to search like crazy since its in A-Z order. good luck!
I have a little cheapy three ring binder with construction paper in there....I pu t the photo corner tabs on there...I can get eight cards on each page...I put the cards in alpha order. Hand the player a sharpie, I hold the binder and they sign....
I used to do the stack of cards, did not work out so well for me, too much fumbling around with the cards when it comes time for a player to sign.
Also rubber bands are not to good for cards
he's right, if you have alot of cards you want to get signed, you should try the binder. if you only have a few, like 10-20, id stick with the rubber band though....good luck!