Tips on organizing card collection???

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Apr 11, 2021
Still working on "digitizing" card collection (137K online with 10K or more to go if I can stop myself from buying cards) and organizing cards better. I just dont think my methods are very efficient. Currently trying to get same brands in the boxes, but find myself constantly reshuffling to accomodate sizes of sets in 5K boxes, tried doing it by year and that got me same results. If anyone thinks they have proven methods for being organized (lol and staying that way) any/all tips/suggestions are appreciated. lol, my best efforts have gotten me to....Im not sure what to do now??? and it was pretty disorganized before so I thought Id ask the "experts"
I'll chime in a bit.

I think it's important to think about the intent behind what you're organizing. My PC stuff is organized differently than the stuff I sell or trade.

I have my PC stuff organized in a few ways - low end cards are generally in nine-pocket pages in binders that are labeled with what's inside. My higher end stuff is sleeved/toploaded/team bagged and placed in a two row shoebox - I sort by player and then within the player they are sorted by year and brand. My vintage stuff is all graded, so it resides in two row shoeboxes but I just bought a few Sports Card Penthouses that will allow me to separate each year into it's own box. I think this will be a much nicer way to store things as I don't have to unstack boxes and remove lids. Everything of mine is labeled.

The stuff I have listed on eBay is all sorted by card type in shoeboxes on shelves - autographs, relics, numbered, parallels, inserts, rookies, base. All sports have their own separate place - because I am constantly selling/listing I don't make much effort to organize these boxes as that might be a continuous process. I do try and keep everything sorted by Topps/Non-Topps and I tend to try and organize brands together. I have a really good memory, so it's never too hard for me to track down a card.

My office is a big mess right now - I'm way behind on organizing stuff as I've opened a bunch of new stuff this month.
I use the Paper box with two rows for my Topps`1, 2 and updates. Each box holds two sets and extras. 800 count boxes for the smaller are in plastic sleeves and the more expensive ones in plastic sleeves and top loaders. chrome cards are in plastic sleeves and top loaders...because chrome cards may curve. Best regards, David