Autographers Use Bible Verse.

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John Olerud does this, he even has his own cards (he had them printed) that he signs and send out with his favorite scripture on the back...
Best of Luck!
These are who have put Bible Verses on my cards:
Robbie Ross - TX Rangers Prospect
Frank Tanana
Ken Phelps
Mark Eichhorn
Sid Bream
Oddibe McDowell
Jerry Don Gleaton
Justin Masterson - Indians pitcher
Here is my list:
Frank Tanana -John 14:6
Bill Sampen - Col 3:23
Mark Dewey - Ps 99
Oddibe McDowell - Rev 3:20
David Segui - Matt 16:26
Justin Masterson - Phil 4:13
Sid Bream - Romans 5:8
Greg Gagne - John 3:16
Gary Wayne - John 3:3
Mark Eichhorn - Phil 4:13
jerry Don Gleaton - John 3:16
Pat Combs - John 14:6
Matt Mieske- Rom 1:16
Turner Ward- Rom 10:9
God Bless You :)
Ben Zobrist, Justin Masterson, and Luke Scott did a "God Bless You" .... may think of some more later.
Josh Hamilton does sometimes...He probably would more often if he did not get a ton of mail...I could see him using one though if he saw a church address on the letter...
That's actually a really neat idea for a pastor who is a collector; that would be a cool display in the rectory or office or wherever. Go for it!
I have a list of players, current through 2008, that the Fellowship of Christian athletes compiled who are Christian. One of my back burner projects is to collect one card of each of those players. I do not know how many would sign with a Bible verse, but I would be happy to share the list if you are interested.

Thanks everyone,I have a few of these everyone listed,also I am very interested in the fellowship of christian athletics.I was involved in this in high school,keep them comming.