Autographs TTM/IP Trade Board?!

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Dec 1, 2002
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Hey Mods... was wondering how hard it would be to put a Autograph TTM/IP Trade/Sale board underneath the AUTOGRAPH section? I have tons to trade/sale as I am sure many others do, and I hate putting them in the baseball for trade/sale section as I am sure there are some that could care less about TTM/IP. Just a suggestion, and was wondering what others though and what the mods thought.
wow, it looks like I had a good idea for once, lol... mark this day down! :) Does anyone know if someone should contact a mod, or do we just keep up the good praise and hope it is seen by someone who can make this happen?
We've been heard!!!!!! :) hehe, thanks a lot timfsu2k for bringing it up to the other mods!
No problem. It would be a disservice to the great members here to ignore quality suggestions.
I get two of almost every one. It would be cool to find a forum In which to trade my doubles for ones I dont have.

I asked the mod team for their opinions on creating a new forum for trading/selling TTM/IP autos. The majority of the mods feel that we should not create a new forum for TTM/IP autos at this time. I'm sorry your idea was not implemented, but I do thank you for the suggestion.
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