Babe Ruth Game Used: Now We're Counting Pencil Shavings?


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Look at this rediculous game used Ruth bat!



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What a joke. Growing up in an old-school Catholic town, that Ruth item is presented like a relic of a saint. What a joke. What company is that from?


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A piece is a piece, if that is what the draw is. Smaller pieces = more to go around for more cards.

I don't see an issue, although I would question the source in this case...more so that if it were to come from Topps or UD or the likes. Did this company buy a bunch of Ruth bat cards and break them up? Did the purchase an actual bat and destroy it? What is keeping them from selling a counterfeit item? They are probably not licensed nor would they probably need a license (other than maybe from the entity that owns the rights to the films) for this, as they are selling movie poster cards.