Back from PSA DNA...

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Aug 15, 2007
Missoula, MT
Al Davis!!!!

Love him or hate him, he is the toughest living HOFer as far as signing. This is easily the hardest to find and most valuable piece in my Raider collection. I used PSA DNA Quick Opinion and then sent it in for final authentication, saved a lot of cash this way, but it was also a big risk. I trimmed the sides just a touch before I sent it in so that I knew it would be the right size for encapsulation.

So here it is...


Thanks for looking,

Thanks everyone!

No, I didn't pay $507.36 for it lol! The authentication fee was a little steep though, especially since he is living (well, kind of).

Thanks Chief! I should be the one hating the Steelers for the "Immaculate Reception"... I wasn't even alive when it happened, but the replay gives me nightmares.

On to Alzado, and Matuszak...

That is pretty darn cool, but I don't know if authenticating a Davis sig is worth $75 today, which is what PSA DNA charges. They base their pricing on how much an authentic sig will go for, not if the personality is living or dead. If the sig would go for $300-$600, then that pricing is about right. However, all of that being said, in the future, you will be so grateful you made that investment. Davis is one of the toughest sigs in sports, bar none!
i am waiting on the $10 deal to roll around again...they have been doing it about 2 times a year...going to try to hit it up next time if they do it again.

nice score...congrats.