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Jul 22, 2005
Approved by champs96ws. This is a sticky thread for Matt, Steve, Robert, Frank and myself to post links to our columns on Baseball
Great idea Tal.

I'd like to begin.
Here's my first column that ran last week. It's an ode of sorts to the long-forgotten, card back.

And my second column, which was posted today. An intriguing look at careers of 2 pitchers that almost never were: Kenley Jansen and Johan Santana. Also based on information I learned from card backs. Lots of interesting content. Hope you all enjoy reading just as much as I enjoyed writing.

The second article is actually part 1 of a larger article, which will also discuss Felix Rodriguez (another successful "converted" pitcher), and Rick Ankiel (a former star pitcher who had quite a journey before finding a rebirth of sorts as a power-hitting outfielder). And yes, Ankiel still has quite an arm.
Part 2, discussing Rodriguez and Ankiel, is scheduled to be published next Wednesday.

I always welcome your comments, suggestions, feedback, etc. Thanks!

Under the "collecting" tab, at the bottom of the page, click the button for "Older posts."

This week I start a series of articles on periodicals. Up first--no surprise--Baseball Digest.

Next week, I'll look at The Sporting News. Any questions or suggestions can be left either on or on my blog, which is linked in the article.

Thank you,
My newest installment...reflections on meeting a childhood hero, one of the most familiar voices in my home in the 80's and 90's...Ralph Kiner. And a few experiences on the "East Coast National" show that took place in White Plains, NY a few weeks ago.

I am also looking for opportunities to collaborate with other writers and co-author article(s) in the near future. Feel free to email or PM me if you'd like to team up.
Here are links to my 2 articles that were published last week.

The first piece discusses what it means to be a Jewish baseball fan on Yom Kippur, and how today's athletes can balance issues of faith, being a role model, and being a professional.–-judaism-baseball-and-yom-kippur/

The most recent article discusses how special the first vintage card can be to a collector, regardless of condition. My first vintage card was a 1958 Topps Bob Shaw rookie. He passed away recently at the age of 77. The article is a loving tribute to both the off-grade vintage card, and to Bob Shaw, the unsung hero and ace of the 1959 “Go Go Sox.” So far, it's gotten a couple of tweets and has been shared on Facebook by a few people.

Hope you enjoy reading, and thanks to everyone for your support!