Baseball Hobby Box Purchase Suggestions

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Aug 25, 2006
I'm interested in picking up a couple hobby boxes or maybe a case depending on what I can find. I consider myself an old school collector, and high dollar thrill seeker, and looking for some suggestions of the best boxes to get. Also I would be willing ro a case if there are special case odds of getting certain cards. There's nothing better than a chance to pull an old time player's game used and even a chance at a cut auto. I also like sets with more old time players than present players. The last case I got was 2006 Upper deck Epic, and loved it, but I'm looking for something new.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I know of Sp legendary cuts, but it's been down hill in recent years, the old fleer greats of the game sets, sweet spot classic, topps sterling, but I'm still pretty unsure. If any of the above, or another not listed just let me know. Looking forward to your response.
You pretty much nailed them all right there.. If you can find it I'd go for an older box of 03 Topps Gallery HOF or Topps Tribute products from 01-04

Topps Tribute are beautifully done!
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Thanks for the suggestions, 2003 topps gallery HOF edition looks nice. Does anyone know a box that is a better deal to get as a case?

Also what do you think is the best sp legendary cuts year of 2006-2009?
Legendary Cuts has been a bust these last few years, not even close to being worth the money in my opinion.

If I had the cash I would get and wanted something this year I would do Topps Tribute.
2001 SP Leg. Cuts is still the best cuts product made. If you can find a box/case of it, it's worth it. The player selection in the product alone makes it worth it.
Although, I wouldn't recommend any topps sterling due to the recent inclusion of current players and players that make my head ponder "what are they doing in a $200+ pk product".
I am still a big fan of 2003 Topps Tribute. A nice selection of high end players, although there are rookie autographs in the product.
Does anyone know the difference between 2004 fleer greats of the game and cut signature edition?
If you could find ultimate boxes they have some really nice stuff. I think 06 and 07 are really good years. One mans opinion.