when buying multiple hobby boxes

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Aug 8, 2021
Cincinnati, Ohio
for those of us that buy 2 or more hobby boxes from a specific seller, whether it be a Local card store or ebay. i'm curious,
do you buy 2 or more boxes from the same seller at the same time? or do you buy one from them, and then go to another seller to buy the 2nd, and so on?
do you find you have better luck with the inserts/autos by buying from the one seller vs multiple?

in the past i have done both. for me, i seem to have better results when buying boxes from multiple sellers. hoping to break up the chance of getting the same duplicates from box #2. My inserts/autos seem to be a little better when going the multiple seller route as well

just curious what others experience.
Ive never given it much thought but I guess I buy multiples from the same seller. If I buy more, I do the same thing again.
Shawn, I guess the bottom line question is do we trust the Topps distribution algorithm. Speaking for myself, I find it very fishy that I can buy a hobby box and not get but just a few dupes, and buy another and get near a quarter dupes., and even dupes in the same pack So I will be joining the conspiracy theorists who think it best to buy from different sellers, though I have no hard evidence to back it up. Carlton
I was able to buy a few cases before prices went absurd post COVID, but distribution across a case was pretty good. However, there would be some boxes that felt like I saw the same string of cards together in another box.

If you are chasing hits, I would say the safe place is to buy from the same place. Better chance to get that hot box vs the duds in a case. If wanting to chase the big hits, then from different places.