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We went to the BayBears vs. Diamond Jaxx game last night because I saw that former Texas Rangers Wes Littleton & Andy Fox were both with the team now. I did pretty well and got everyone I was trying for, except for the Diamond Jaxx manager Tim Laker, who kept looking over at us (only two people) and wouldn't come over to sign for us - and Turner Ward said he was running late for his son's game, but he would sign for me next game for sure. Here is what I was able to come away with last night..

Wes Littleton - 14/14
Dustin Ackley - 3/3
Andy Fox - 7/7
Rico Brogna - 5/5 ('93 Rookie is FT)
Guillermo Quiroz - 1/1
Cyle Hankerd - 1/1
Bryan Byrne - 1/1

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yep cant go down 3-1...colbyashi rebounded from a shaky start to pitch pretty solid for texas..went to uta today and saw choice hit one about 425 ft straight down the lf line. it hit the middle of the road and rolled across the street. i was the only one that went to get the ball and then i gave it to him afterwards. he tied the UTA career home runs record with that one today...pretty cool.

anyway go mavs...the Jason's need good games tonight...well everyone for that matter...:)