BayBears vs. Biscuits IP


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I was planning on going to graph the WWE superstars this morning, but the show was cancelled and moved to December so that was a bad start to the day...however, we did end up going to the baseball game in Mobile and I ended up doing pretty well...finished a bunch of 50/50 deals, but have some stuff FT still - just ask if you're interested in anything....

Jake McGee - 6/6
Kory Casto - 2/2
Nevin Ashley - 3/3
Ed Easley - 1/1
Wade Miley - 2/2
Josh Collmenter - 2/2
Matt Grogen - 2/2
Chris Nowak - 8/8
Heath Rollins - 2/2
Pat McAnaney - 2/2
Konrad Schmidt - 2/2

Headed to Disney World to party with Mickey Mouse tomorrow! :D
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great pick ups man congrats, i dont know why but the smile nowak has on the heritage reminds me of the joker from batman haha...


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congrats, the WWE is actually gonna be here on Saturday but I have to work so doubt I'll try racing down and hoping they just getting done around 1130ish