Beckett Issues

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Apr 16, 2003
Osage City, Kansas
Anybody else having issues with Beckett OPG? My service has sucked badly recently, but especially over the last week. I sent them a message recently and they noted that they were correcting some issues. It improved for a day or so, but quickly turned to crap again. Curious to know if anyone else is having issues. Very frustrating!!:mad:

Barry Urbanek - PogoCards
Yeah - it is also very sporadic. It will fire up fine early morning, then not even respond mid-day. Then again, nothing new for me. I've despised the thing since the new format. Apparently they are working on an entire new rebuild (again)
Very slow for me the past few days also.....if the pages loaded at all.

AHHHHH!!!! Very, very slow still. Page takes forever to load, if at all. Keeps telling me to email them an error code.
Their service has been absolutely unacceptable in my opinion. Good luck EVER getting on on a Saturday. Last weekend was horrendous. I tried getting on all Friday and Saturday. Finally Sunday night I was able to gain access. It's been pretty good since then but unacceptable for a site that you have to pay for the privilege to use. There should NEVER be a problem. Heck, if our cable company goes down for any length of time they give us a credit. I don't think Beckett has ever offered to compensate any of it's users. Hate to say it but they have us by the shorthairs (as my grandpa would have said).

Don't know what the answer is but I for one am a very dissatisfied customer.

I just wonder what dealers do when they are at shows trying to complete a sale/trade and they can't access values.

Just my 2 cents,