Beckett Issues

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Jun 2, 2010
West Allis, Wi
So I logged into Beckett today, and they have done a redesign, and now I am having issues logging in, because they say I don't have an account or that my password is invalid. Frustrating as heck. Anyone else having this issue?
I was coming in to ask the same question? Working this morning but 404 code now
wow same here .. was told yesterday they were upgrade inface or something like that ...was on for a little... but today is another problem CAN'T EVEN get it on my computer.. 404 . or site doesn't exist.. we should or paying customers should be get some COMPENSATION ? maybe if enough of us complain we get something yea.. that the joke for the day.. but be late in payment.. they will shut you down ..right down in a heart beat ..
well i not alone on this .. thanks foks T3
Just got on !!,
Same. But now the problem is when you go to login, it's just this endless cycle of trying to log in. So i did a search from the home screen, and was able to start putting stuff in my organize again, however, if you go to the drop down menu for organize it takes you right back to the home page. GRRRRRRRR
This is the link I always use:

Finally able to get on. Looks like they are still having some issues. Especially with trying to trade.