Been a longtime


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The old UK collector is coming back!! Anyone remember little old me?


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Welcome back!

Here is some newer stuff as well as odds & ends. LMK if you need something.
2018 Topps High Tek
Tom Glavine Pattern #1 (magma diffractor) and Pattern #2(2) and Pattern #3 (2)and Pattern #4
2016 Topps High Tek Tom Glavine #HT-TG Line
2015 Topps Tek Tom Glavine #HT-TG Waves
2015 Topps Tek Tom Glavine #HT-TG Pipes
2015 Gypsy Queen Minis: #18 T Glavine
2000 Fleer Focus Tom Glavine Feel the Game gu jersey


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Welcome back I can't hold a grudge if you need a list of Glavine cards I have one thats 99 and 44/100 % correct of the cards for each year (not including GUs,Bats & Autos). Just tell me the years you want

David K.

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David K

Yes that was me many moons ago. How are you? Shall we see if we can trade at all?
Thanks...but I'm getting physical therapy for back I'm limited to locate trades for costly to get to the Postal Office for now. Best regards, David


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5.00 star(s)'re right , long time no see even though we are facebook friends......i'm pretty much bedridden right now after having an amputation of multiple toes this week so i have time on my hands for a while...hit me up on fb sometime and let me know whats up with you and sally and tom glavine in your little corner of the world...