Bench Field Trip to Cooperstown hosted by Chavezforprez :)

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Sep 23, 2006
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We have been talking about this for a few weeks now, so I figured I'd update the Thread.

Could a MOD please Sticky Note this thread? Thanks, Billy

Okay, I have some info that might help some of you decide if you want to go along on this trip. I'm looking at either April 16th to April 18th or April 23rd to April 25th. Hotels/Motels seem to be pricing from $50 a night and up. Depending how far from the City Center we are staying. Also, I plan on driving up and will have 4 available seats in my SUV if anyone wants to catch a ride. All I ask is that you pitch in for Gas/Tolls. Once I get a solid number of those wanting to go and where they'd like to stay, I'll book rooms and such. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please speak up and let us know what you have in mind. This is a trip for us all, so we should all enjoy and be able to do what we want.

Another idea I thought of would be to leave real early on Saturday morning. That would save money on the hotel stay, plus those of you that have to work that Friday or have school, wouldn't have to worry about missing a class or use a sick/vacation day or make that long drive after you got off work or school. From where I live in Jersey, Map Quest say's it's 5 hours to Cooperstown. I can leave Friday or Saturday, dosen't matter to me, but I wanted to get a idea of what you all thought would work best for you. Also, the web site says that Active Duty/Retired Military get in free, so that saves me money and maybe some of you. If none of you are active or retired military, I'd be willing to split up the cost to offset the prices for you. If we had 5 paying, then we could split admission by six and you all could save $2 or $3.

There is also a Card Show going on not to far from cooperstown on Sunday April 18th.

So now I need to get an idea of what weekend works for you. Please let me know via PM or leave your dates here. I will keep this thread going until the middle of Feb so that gives others time to plan or decide.

On a side note.....I ask that if you agree to go on this Field Trip, then please be certain that you can go. Those that will be going are probably going to be figuring out a budget for themselves (i know I will be) and if people back out, costs go up for the rest of us. I understand things come up in life that we can't control like sickness, being laid off, starting new jobs, ect., but please be considerate to the others.

Thanks to everyone,
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April 16th to April 18th works for me. I can't do the other weekend. Let me know what you decide, and thanks for organizing this Billy.
Both weekends are good for me Billy. As far as leaving on a Friday or early Saturday, I have plenty of vacation days that taking a day off is no problem. Thanks very much for organization this!
dankir96 -- Your son is more than welcome to join. I'm sure this would be a trip he'd talk about for a long time. Great for Show & Tell Day, if schools still have that type of thing.

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The weekend of the 16th through the 18th works for me also. I only live a couple hours north of Cooperstown so would probably be there real early Saturday.

Count me in for either Saturday. I have just a 3 hour ride, so I would leave early and meet everyone there for the day. Just let me know which day! This will be fun.

Thanks Billy for organizing it.
Hey Billy,
My parents would like to go so as of now we are planning on renting a car for the trip. If anyone from Queens, Brooklyn, certain parts of Manhattan and the Bronx would need a ride, all I'd ask for is to pitch in for gas and tolls. We'll cover the cost of the rental.

Thanks again Billy,
Here is a show that might interest some of you while we are up in Cooperstown. Courtesy of Marvin (MattinglysCards).

As of right now it looks like the weekend of April 16th-18th works best for everyone and it also looks like everyone is driving themselves and/or are planning on only staying for the day. Robert, I believe you said you might want to catch a ride with me. At this point, besides myself, does anyone else need me to locate rooms for them?
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I could use some help finding a place for 3 people. I looked at some of the places that the HOF has on their homepage and some of those places look promising. Could you send me some links or names of places that you were able to find Billy? Thanks much.

I was looking at and for local hotels/motels. I'm pretty simple, so all I need is a bed and a shower and I'm good. Looking a staying at a Motel 6 or Howard Johnson. If my wife was coming with me, we'd be staying at a Bed and Breakfast and I'd have to sleep on flowery pillows and bed spreads and listen to birds chirp and all that lovey stuff. I'll keep looking to see if I find anything else, but everyone will have different tastes when it comes to where they would like to stay. I'll keep you posted though.