Bench Issues

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I know the bench was down for a few day last week, but the problems I seem to have are still happening. Just today I pulled up
the site to show a trade received. Marked all the categories and went to click on receive. What I got was CAN NOT CONNECT TO SERVER.
That issue is constantly happening, even when I want to check a forum. It just seems to be getting worse. Is anyone working on these problems?

Ironically just as I went to post this thread I got CAN NOT CONNECT TO SERVER.
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I feel your frustration fellas. Please hang in there though. I'd hate to see us lose any members period. Especially a couple long time HOFers like yourselves! I'm sure someone is looking into the issues that The Bench community is experiencing at this time. Happy New Year!


David K.

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Ditto on the problems.....I would input the mailing information and the tracking number on a trade and find myself off the site! I would go back and find the information was not entered on the trade. Best regards, David


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Have had some issues myself today, but I am sure they will get worked out. I am under the assumption that this is related to the issues a week or so ago and the fix just needs to get tweeked to work it out.

Hang tight, have to remember that everyone has other stuff going on in their lives.