Best day to go to a card show?

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Oct 21, 2008
Charlotte, MI
Tried this before, I think someone thought I was promoting a card show...Not the case, just looking for thoughts on the best day to attend card shows in general...

Looking at heading out to the Gibraltar show this weekend in Taylor, MI...

Friday noon-9 (not dealer required)
Saturday 10-6
Sunday 10-6

I can't go Saturday, but could on Friday or Sunday.

I am collecting Cubs baseball stuff, Felix Potvin and Mask cards, so not looking for anything super huge.

Thoughts on which day is the best to go, and also any comments about the quality of the Gibraltar show?
Best day for selection and to grab hidden bargains in like quarter and dollar boxes is the first day, the best for close outs and making offers on dealer items is the last day. Sometimes a Friday optional has many people who with their day jobs just don't set up, so you'll miss their selection on that Friday, but that still doesn't make up for the lack of hot cards if you wait until the last day.
Go on the first day, where they have all the new stuff. I doubt anyone would hold back some stuff for the later days, especially good stuffs.
I'd make a clean sweep...

look for cheap stuff the first day...

the second day is Saturday and thats when a lot of trading and stuff goes on, and a lot of people wont set up on Friday...

then the last day is when people will sell stuff cheap...

so...really if you can hit it all 3 days thats what i would do...first and last days you wouldnt have to spend much time...if you find anything you really like then go back sunday and try to get a deal.

if you can only go one day then pick which aspect of the above is most important to you lol.