Big Daddy IP...something you might not see anytime soon

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Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids
So yeah I went way out of my way to get a Prince Fielder SP ball and had the owner call Cecil to get permission for him to sign this for me. Needless to say I handed it to him to sign on the SP and asked if he could sign "by him" to not mention Prince and get people that didn't know what I had asking people behind me why this is a special ball to get signed. Well he just nodded at me and flipped it over and signed the SS, so needless to say I have some $$ invested into this but I am willing to trade it since its not exactly what I wanted and I have a few of Cecil's autographs already

Nice piece to have. I'm trying to track down Dale Berra to sign a 85' Topps Father/Son card I have that's already sigend by Yogi. I think all of those father/son cards are nice. Congrats
i dont understand really, but i need a Cecil auto lol...let me know if you want to trade.

will he not sign things already signed by Prince or what? I'm lost
more the other way around, they don't talk anymore since Cecil gambled away Prince's bonus...needless to say if you ever meet Prince in person don't mention Cecil because from my understanding Prince could be in the best mood and turn into pissed off and he WILL NOT sign anything already signed by his dad

it is FT though but I got 45 bucks invested into this ball also
kinda sad...might not be right but thats still his dad and wonder how far he would have gone in baseball if his last name wasn't Fielder....

look at the bucket and see if you see anything you want for it.