Big day 9/7


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Had 4 envelopes waiting for me on Tuesday and just opened them last night. And my internet is down at home so I am just now posting them.

First one was two unsigned Phil Plantier cards, I missed out on a 50/50 after getting the cards sent to an SCN member too late for Plantier to come back around to one of the Mariners affiliates. Maybe next season.

Next one was from mrmopar, from the signings he attended with Dave Stewart and Dan Wilson. Got my 92TP Stewart card signed, and the Wilson was a total bonus that he arranged out of all the cards he had for Wilson to sign. For some reason out of the tons of 92TP extras I have, I didn't have an extra Wilson. Anyway, totally thoughtful & cool of him, BUT the card was contributed by metrotheme and as stated in another post he got his cards jacked at the post office. So I have PM'ed him to work something out.

Other two were TTMs:

Rex Hudler, two (different) 92TP cards, signed in black c/o home in about 2 months give or take.

Andy Benes, 92TP signed in black c/o home in 6 days (!!!). Saw he was signing and flipped it out real quick, got it back just as quick.

Thanks for the long read, now I will probably have an extended drought to make up for the good day.

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