Big Hits Wisdom Auto 1/25 Mize Foil 3/10 2021 Topps Gallery Baseball 2 Walmart Mega and 2 Blasters

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Good luck everyone! Need to put the paid by my ID avatar and what happened to the gold foil that I mailed back to you...Best regards, David
Dang, David, forgot about it...can you go on my sportlots page below and pick out about $10 in cards you can use.
Watching live now!
Congrats @LarryG killed it in this break Wowwy…awesome low numbered Mize and numbered cards! What a break…
*think the RED hat on that one player card you brought up is a SP/SSP variation…
Thanks Josh
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Caught the replay this morning. Some nice cards in there. Thanks for this break Bob.
Hi Everyone
Again, thanks for making this a great break!
I should have most of the cards out on Tuesday, especially those who are not in the Chronicle/Elite Break. Hopefully, Josh, LarryG, Mark M. and Doug are willing to wait until after the Chronicle/Elite break for all the cards to be shipped together! Thanks in advance.
Be sure to look for additional Gallery cards, that were from my Blaster Break.
Plus the usual stuff from the garage.